Mania [Revised Edition] by Lucas Mangum

Mania [Revised Edition] by Lucas Mangum feels altogether too short by the time you reach the end.
The story of a cursed screenplay and the absolute nightmare that accompanies that curse is told in a way that can only be described as cinematic. It’s smutty, gory, and depraved…and not in turns, but all at once.
I really don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s a scene before the halfway point where a character witnesses a dead and disemboweled woman masturbating with a length of her own intestine. Keep in mind, that isn’t even halfway into the story.
I recommend this one for my more depraved and horror-obsessed friends…but I have to admit that some aspects of this particular book might go too far for different people.
Read it at your own risk, of course…but read it either way.


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