I should be writing.
I have two short stories that I need to complete if I intend to submit them before the deadline is up on two particular anthologies that are of a great deal of interest to me. It would take me almost no time to finish both of them, at which point I could relax and move along to other projects that I have in the works…projects without deadlines looming, like the novella that I had wanted to make available digitally before the end of January. Hell, I even went so far as to have the cover art designed and everything.
I should be writing…but I am not.
I haven’t been sleeping much or well lately, and my concentration has been for shit because of this. I’ve even been slacking off on my daily exercise routines, and I feel all bloated, icky and corpulent because of it.
I hope that today will be the day when I turn all of that around. I am desperately hoping for a few hours of peaceful, uninterrupted slumber to follow this post…and when I wake I hope to hit the ground running and put in a solid hour or more of exercise, including some intense cardio to get the oxygen flowing to my brain for the purpose of igniting those creative sparks that I need in order to get back to work on what I should be doing.
Because…I should be writing.