Fucking Scumbags Burn In Hell: Book 9 by Dani Brown

Amy is a spoiled, entitled, petty, and manipulative monster of a woman. It seems only fitting that she’d find her way into the Hoopiverse with Dani Brown’s The Scratching Post.
Arguably the worst quality Amy displays is her solipsism. Her inability to recognize other people as independent, separate beings with perspectives that aren’t her own, manifests in a sort of delusionally cynical outlook and a lack of object permanence. For Amy, other people are only ever motivated by the same things that motivate her. That viewpoint might be less pronounced if she didn’t also surround herself with vapid, terrible people who only serve to reinforce the way she sees things. Thus, if everyone is motivated by the same things, it’s altogether too easy for Amy to see others as nothing more than playthings to be used for her perverse amusement.
For years, Amy got away with being a god-awful person, catered to by her mourning parents and pandered to by her social circle, but then Hoop moves in next door. As Amy’s carefully constructed world of gaslighting and self-deception crumbles around her, there’s no way a reader won’t take pleasure in the revolting and nefariously appropriate comeuppance she experiences.
Dani Brown brings her deliciously wicked and vile imagination to the table in bringing to life what has to be one of the most disgusting miasmas a reader can imagine. You’d be hard-pressed not to smell hints of the corruption wafting from the screen as you read the descriptions she provides.
Like the other installments in the Hoopiverse, we get to witness Hooper forcing empathy onto the monstrous people he sets his sights on. While it isn’t true empathy, being subjected to the experiences of those they’ve hurt, it’s a befitting analog that serves the purpose of showing these hideous men and women the harm they’ve caused in the only way they’ll understand, when it’s hurting them. You’ve got to hit the sociopath where it hurts, and Hooper’s got the skills that pay the bills.

You can pick up The Scratching Post as well as the previous installments in the Fucking Scumbags series by going to http://www.godless.com or by downloading the Godless app to your mobile device. The first season of tales is soon to be collected in a single paperback release if you prefer to wait for a physical book to love and caress with your nasty fingertips, but I recommend picking these up in the meantime. The link is below:

Stef and Tucker: Books 1, 2, & 3 by Dani Brown

Dani Brown’s first three books of her Stef and Tucker series have been a fascinating thing to dive into back-to-back. She leads the reader on a phantasmagorical, surrealist narrative that bears a strange resemblance to epic tales of adventure like The Odyssey or Dante’s Divine Comedy, but with a whole lot more cum.

Beginning with Book One: Dancin’ with Ice Zombies, we’re introduced to Stef and Tucker on tour with their band. At this point in the series, Stef has been kept out of Tucker’s reach by the machinations of bandmates and a manager actively opposed to that sort of fraternization. While Tucker coats everything in an ever-increasing surface of semen, he obsessively fantasizes about Stef and resents everyone who treats them as if it will be the literal end of the world if the two are allowed to get together.

Maybe they were right.

As Tucker gets Stef alone in the desert for their first date, the underworld itself seems to voice disapproval in the most spectacular way.

Book Two: Jordan provides readers with a better and less one-sided perspective on Tucker’s neglected wife, Jordan. Inhuman, and driven by an obsession with Stef that rivals Tucker’s own, Jordan has plans for the unsuspecting Stef. Not to be held back because Tucker got there first, she dedicates herself to a harrowing journey back home from the store.

Unfortunately for Jordan, she’s not the only non-human creature in the neighborhood. As an orgy turns into something far less pleasant, ancient adversaries work in opposition to one another with Stef and Tucker trapped in the middle.

Book Three: The Flowering Penises begins where the second volume left off, with Stef and Tucker in captivity. The only way out is for Stef to strike out on an astral journey through Tucker’s mental landscape, seeking the cum that will save them from their bondage.

These are fucked up stories filled with more semen than all the sperm banks in the world. Dani Brown spins a yarn drenched in so much sweat, cum, liquid shit, and other unknown fluids that she’s got to spend as much time wringing the fluids from the yarn as she does weaving it into the final form. It’s worth the extra effort, though, because these tales are both captivating and amusing. Besides, what else could one expect from The Queen of Filth?

Book Three: The Flowering Penises is one of the releases for Day Seven of the 31 Days of Godless event over on http://www.godless.com You can pick all three up by going to the website or by downloading the app to your mobile device of choice. The links are below: