Musings of a Sadist by Ryder Kinlay

Musings of a Sadist (David Longbottom’s Misadventures) collects the first four stories Kinlay’s written about our favorite Australian Patrick Bateman impersonator. Kinlay successfully crafts something that feels less like a collection of separate stories but serves as more of a sequence of vignettes about Longbottom’s life over a specific period. There is an assortment of self-referential moments throughout the included misadventures, reminding readers that each installment is sequentially consistent.
Naturally, this begins with Longbottom’s Thailand honeymoon from the story that introduced us to this depraved maniac, Bloodymoon. I’ve already reviewed this story, so I’ll refer you to the following link if you want to see what I had to say:

We move on to an installment that is of personal interest to me, as Ryder Kinlay incorporated a character named after me in the debauchery and cruelty taking place. Again, I’ve reviewed This Is Not An Exit previously, and you can find my thoughts at the following link:

Next up, we have Dia De Los Death, wherein David feels like he might have finally found a woman he can love, and we learn just how perverse his devotion to his mother happens to be. I’ve reviewed this story previously at the following link:

And finally, we come to Hot Shots, the newest Longbottom tale and one exclusive to this volume. When David’s best friend, Dakota, calls him in a panic, seeking assistance because he’s in an apartment with a dead man he’d only recently been intimate with, Longbottom resigns himself to helping out. Readers have the distinct pleasure of learning new facts about biology and the biological functions that can transpire post-mortem, so it’s educational. Of course, the excitement doesn’t stop there, and everything turns out splendidly for Dakota and David as they jump into a bonding experience and set the stage for future misadventures.

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Dia De Los Death by Ryder Kinlay

David Longbottom has a girlfriend! You read that correctly.
That’s how Dia De Los Death begins, well, it actually begins with a perverse Oedipal fantasy played out by Longbottom and the aforementioned girlfriend, but that’s neither here nor there.
After murdering his bride on the honeymoon in the first installment, it was high time David got back on the horse, after all.
Will his best friend, Dakota, approve of her?
More importantly, will his mother?
Ryder Kinlay immerses us once again in the lifestyles of the rich and homicidal with this third Longbottom misadventure. She knocks it out of the park yet again. I can’t share much, without giving it all away, but you can probably guess mommy dearest does not approve of the new girl on David’s arm. Where it goes from there, well, you’ll have to let Mr. Longbottom tell you those details himself.

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This Is Not An Exit by Ryder Kinlay

Ryder Kinlay is back again with the continuing adventures of David Longbottom. Time has passed since the events of Bloodymoon, and David has his 31st birthday on the near horizon. What does one give the man who has virtually everything and who is not shy about taking whatever else he wants?
Drugs, drinking, and debauchery have kept him going, but he’s getting bored and the pandemic conditions have hampered his fun. Concerned about his apparent malaise, his mother and a couple of his friends have a surprise in store for David.
If you thought the bloody honeymoon was violent and cruel, you’re in store for a real treat with this birthday bash.
I’m perhaps a bit biased, as Ryder Kinlay offered to kill friends and fans if they could suggest a suitable way to torture and kill Longbottom’s victims. I was lucky enough to be one of those victims.
It’s almost as if the author read my mind with the fate that befalls Nikolas in this story. I used to joke with my children that I was going to include it in my will that anyone who wanted an inheritance from me would have to consume me at the funeral reception. I suggested the exterior could be taxidermied while the meat could be prepared in a variety of ways for those who wanted to join in on the celebration. I worry that Donna, the other victim at the climax of this tale, may have never considered her ultimate outcome as the sort of thing she’d hope to experience. I just got lucky this time. Also, apparently I’m at least sort of hot in the fictional environment of the story, and I’ll take it!
If you enjoyed American Psycho, you’ll love the references peppered through this story, and you’ll just love the story anyhow.
Check it out!

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This is Not an Exit by Ryder Kinlay

Bloodymoon by Ryder Kinlay

The rich really are different.
Never honeymoon in Thailand.
Those are the biggest takeaways from Kinlay’s Bloodymoon.
We meet the celebrating couple just as a plum is to be propelled from the vagina of a woman on stage into the new bride’s mouth. How can you go wrong with a story that starts like that? From there, Kylie–increasingly intoxicated–allows her husband, David, to drag her along in his wake as he seeks even greater and more taboo forms of enjoyment.
Unfortunately for Kylie, she might have married into the wrong family.
Bloodymoon is a story that starts out feeling like The Hangover only to transition into Hostel, and it’s quite an adventure getting from origin to destination.

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