Carnivorous Lunar Activities by Max Booth III

Carnivorous Lunar Activities by Max Booth III is a jaw-droppingly good book. I will avoid spoilers as best I can, because I sincerely want everyone to at least sincerely consider reading this book for themselves.
There are definite nods to An American Werewolf In London as a point of inspiration beyond the obvious title derived from dialogue in that amazing piece of cinema and multiple points wherein the characters reference the film.
Infused with black comedy and dialogue that brings the characters to life, the first two thirds of the novel lull you into a certain sense of comfort in the discomfort of the whole scenario. Neither of these men are what one might call stable and they both have their own demons they are dealing with as the story progresses.
As two friends who’d grown apart come back together again under the most unlikely and bizarre circumstances, you begin to feel that the story will continue along in that same vein…maybe that the whole tale might have some sort of happy ending in that Justin, who insists he’s become a werewolf, will be proven to be nothing more than the delusional jackass Ted believes him to be.
But no, as the pages ahead become fewer Ted is hit with perhaps some of the most devastating news a person could imagine and the chance of anything even remotely happy coming out of the book is discarded like a used condom and stomped into the dirt.
That’s where it really gets interesting and the intensity doesn’t let up until the final page.
I don’t know that I can conceivably recommend this book enough.

Since originally writing this review in May of 2019, there have been some issues with respect to the publisher who released Carnivorous Lunar Activities, and it is recommended that anyone interested in reading the book wait until such a time as a solution has been found. This is unfortunate, as the book in question is a fantastic werewolf tale.


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