The Land: Forging: Chaos Seeds Book 2 by Aleron Kong

If you are unfamiliar with the author, Aleron Kong, and his fantastic ongoing American LitRPG series (now two series) of novels, you are missing out. Not only are the stories entertaining and endlessly fascinating, but the community built up around love of these books is similarly amazing. I recommend checking these books out, the audiobook versions are my personal preference.

The second book in the series picks up right where the first left off, with a brief introduction that clearly sets the stage for something huge on the horizon.
These books are the first audiobooks I’ve bothered listening to, initially just when I was at the gym three days a week for an hour or so at a stretch…and now I find myself listening to this series while I’m sitting in my office, working on things that don’t interfere with my ability to concentrate on the story. The writing (the characters and the adventures themselves) and the narration are superb and captivating.
There is plenty of conflict, high-stakes action, and exploration…precisely as you’d hope to find.

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