Night Worms Pack: February 2021

I decided to give the Night Worms subscription box a shot, because it’s appealed to me for quite some time and I couldn’t think of a good reason not to try it out.
Unfortunately, one of the worries I had in signing up came to fruition. I am now the proud owner of a second copy of Jessica Leonard’s Antioch (complete with a signed bookplate). I’m sure I will be able to find her terrific book a good home, though. This was always going to be a very real concern, with the sheer number of books I own and the regularity with which I purchase new additions to my library.
The other two books are new to my collection, which is certainly nice. I was sort of concerned that everything contained in the Night Worms pack would be things I already had, now that I’d opted to try it out. Murphy’s Law is something that can’t be disregarded.
The milk chocolate and cinnamon hot cocoa mix seems like it will be promising.
The bookmarks will come in handy…around here, they always do.
The little voodoo doll sticker is adorable.


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