Death’s End by Liu Cixin

I’m copying over some reviews of titles I’d written up in 2018 and earlier, just in case these titles are new for other people.

Liu Cixin really tackles a lot of heavy material with Death’s End, starting approximately when The Dark Forest did in our near future and running billions of years into the future…jumping forward sporadically as the protagonist is awakened from hibernation to participate in or witness universe shaping events.
Human nature, sociology, game theory, and dimensional physics all play a major role in shaping a narrative that delves far deeper into this possible future for the human race than the previous two novels in the trilogy. What’s most surprising is just how deftly it’s all woven together, and that is even more surprising when taking into consideration that it was translated into English while maintaining coherence and literary quality.
While at times almost disorienting, this book was an absolutely necessary conclusion to the trilogy that began with The Three-Body Problem.


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