Detritus In Love by Mercedes M. Yardley & John Boden

I’m copying over some reviews of titles I’d written up in 2018 and earlier, just in case these titles are new for other people.

For a novella of only 50+ pages, Detritus In Love by Mercedes M. Yardley and John Boden is still somehow a huge story.
With eloquence and elegance of language from the authors we follow the sad life of Detritus, a young man who befriends dead people and falls in love with a dead girl, who sees the decay and corruption in the cruel world around him through his third eye, and who lives with the dread that The Opposite is coming for him.
It’s a story that is equal parts disorienting and captivating, fantastic and horrifying, as it builds up to a conclusion that is anything but cheerful.


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