Strangers by David Moody

This review was originally written in 2015, but I thought it merited being shared here…now that I’m actively putting my blog to use.

I have been a long time fan of David Moody as an author, intensely enjoying his novels and short fiction to an extent that I can’t seem to experience with most writers.
Strangers, like many of his stories, is a desolate thing with some highly unpleasant subject matter and narrative twists. If you’re familiar with his work you will discover the elements of paranoia and division that arise in most of his stories to varying extents…but developed and explored quite differently.
The subject matter here is definitely adult and frequently more graphic than in his previous novels…running the gamut from domestic violence and the dangers associated with sex to the more eerie aspects of being uprooted and moving to a strange location surrounded by unfamiliar faces.
If you enjoyed the story Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell (the basis for John Carpenter’s The Thing, which was a truer adaptation of the story than the earlier film The Thing From Another World) and David Cronenberg’s Shivers, you will love this novel. I was thinking about the similarities between this book and the movies The Thing and Shivers not altogether too long before the same correlation is drawn by characters within the narrative, which was a nice touch by the author, outright paying homage to some of the clear influences.
This was an uncomfortable, spooky book, and I can’t recommend it strongly enough.


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