Puritea by Lucy Leitner

Lucy Leitner is proving herself to be an exceptional experimental storyteller. She previously engaged us with an epistolary consisting exclusively of Instagram posts with Get Me Out of This Shimmering Oasis. This time she’s taken it further afield by incorporating everything from multiple-choice web surveys, customer service chats, and email correspondences.
Puritea is as amusing as it is horrific.
Desperate to solve her problem with adult acne, Andrea hopes to find what she needs through Puritea, a wellness brand discovered through targeted advertisement.
After drastically altering her diet based on a food sensitivity test supplied by the company, things initially seem to be improving for Andrea, and she becomes a vocal advocate for the brand. Of course, things don’t continue going so smoothly.
In a Kafka-esque nightmare of recursion, Andrea finds herself seeking solutions to new problems caused by Puritea within the company itself. As everything spirals out of control and Andrea suffers progressively greater transformations, one is forced to wonder if maybe the world isn’t run by lizard people.

This title can be picked up at http://www.godless.com or by downloading the Godless app to your mobile device of choice. The link is below:


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