No Title Deserved

Time wasted on inane things with little to no relevance to me is arguably one of the most irritating things to suffer through.
Sitting in a meeting, watching slide shows and less tech-savvy presentations on things that have little to no impact on my existence, is not how I would be choosing to spend this time. I would like to claim that I would be doing something productive if I were not occupied with this nonsense, but I would more than likely be sleeping…which could be considered to be productive.
If it wasn’t sleep, I would like to suggest that I might be exercising, which I was doing only about an hour or so before the start of this meeting.
Chances are fair to middling that I would instead be playing more Mass Effect 3. I have spent the last few days immersed in the universe of Mass Effect…finishing my way through the latter half of Mass Effect 2 in preparation for the release of the next installment, and continuing almost seamless from one game into the next.
I need a life, perhaps.


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