Transitional Phase

It’s amazing how much more legitimate I feel when telling people that I’m a writer now that there is a hard copy, paperback format for my novel, Unspoken.

This couldn’t have happened at a better time seeing as how I became unexpectedly unemployed on the 28th of June…the same day that I received the “proof” copy of my book for my perusal and critiquing. That one bright spot helped to keep me from plummeting into self-loathing and misery upon being without a job…almost as much as having my lovely Chandra here by my side reassuring me and providing me with the love and support that I desperately needed when, as a single father, my sole source of income suddenly evaporated.

I had my first interview less than 24 hours ago and hopefully that will remedy the unemployed status that I’m already coming to despise. The free time is nice and I have been making the best of it…to the best of my ability at least.

Anyone who does happen to read this, please feel free to support a struggling “artist” and check out my novel and the digital-only collection of poetry that can be found on Amazon. How’s that for shameful? Here I am, trying to tug at whatever sympathy might be available to be milked. You can’t hold it against me though.


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