Random Meandering Nonsense

Laying here in an empty house (read: no children present) is a strange sensation after so much time with at least one of my children at home, usually two or all three. This is the first night in months when none of my kids are here and it is disorienting.
At least Chandra is here, which keeps me from being left to my own devices…and I must say that it is relaxing and quiet having the place to ourselves for the night, something that never happens.
I should be doing some writing, but I don’t feel anything fighting to meet the page at the moment…and besides, this is writing…somewhat…in a sense…if defined loosely enough.
I could begin detailing the errata of my day, each and every bland and mundane detail laid out before you (the small handful of individuals who actually take the time to check in and read my rambling nonsense). I won’t do that though, so you don’t need to worry…I can’t stand it when people do that. The mistaken assumption that anyone is so damn interesting that otherwise mind numbing tedium would end up glossed over with some sparkling finish that others would find fascinating is one I don’t happen to suffer from. My mistaken assumptions are otherwise oriented…though probably no less absurd, but I am not presently inclined to shoulder you with the burden of tolerating them. Not yet at least.
Since I clearly have nothing of any value to say, I should probably stop here…before I become truly annoying.
One final thought, before I leave…over to the right there should be links to my books on Amazon as well as my author page on Facebook…take the time to “like” me, even if you don’t happen to…and read my books…from beginning all the way through…and let me know what you think. I want to discuss them with you, to hear your thoughts…as positive or negative as they might be.
Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Random Meandering Nonsense

  1. I like your blog, the way you write, your opinions. Everything really and I am always left thinking…I wish I could write my post like yours..with some sort of substance


    • Thank you. I really appreciate that. I took the liberty of reading through your posts when you reblogged the snippet from my novel-in-progress and I don’t think there’s any less substance to your posts than my own. They’re deeply personal, or so it seems to me, and that is the definition of substance.


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