I Eat Babies by Gerhard Jason Geick

Continuing a tradition started by none other than the author of Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift, Geick presents not only a strong defense for the consumption of babies, but an entertaining glimpse into the future.
With food scarcity a real concern, what better solution than to devour babies and unwanted children?
As presented in A Modest Proposal, the argument was that it serves a twofold solution, removal of a hungry mouth from circulation and a suitable meal provided for those who might otherwise be starving. I Eat Babies provides us with a refreshed and reinvigorated baby eating platform for the modern age.
Using the drabble form, Geick succeeds in packing a hugely amusing–albeit perverse–collection of themed snippets of story into small packages. The important thing is that he does it well.
Personally, I have to say this is a successful teaser for his upcoming collection of drabbles, double drabbles, and pentadrabbles.
While I understand that this medium might not be for everyone, this collection has been made available for potential readers at no cost, so there’s no reason not to give it a chance. I know I will be picking up the new collection when it becomes available.
Maybe we can enjoy the new collection together, over a main course of baby stew?

This collection is available from http://www.godless.com or through the Godless app on your preferred mobile platform. The link is below:

I Eat Babies (Dark Drabbles Vol. 1.5) by Gerhard Jason Geick


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