The Redwoods Ripper by Joshua MacMillan

When Tony absconded with his father’s Remington 30-06 rifle and planned a venture into the redwood forest, he didn’t anticipate having his little brother, Timmy in tow. Hoping to make his father proud of him, he wanted nothing more than to show that he could behave like a man.
Wanting to spook his little brother, Tony tells Timmy about The Redwoods Ripper, a monster that preys on those who find themselves alone in the woods. Of course, a short while later Tony has to relieve himself.
Will the Ripper come for Tony or Timmy? Is it nothing more than a story Tony made up, or is it something more?
Joshua MacMillan shares a brief, but intensely heartbreaking story of childhood mistakes. The reader will see it coming before things go bad, and that makes it all the more awful to helplessly watch as the rest of the story unfolds.

This title is one of the two titles released for Day Five of the 31 Days of Godless event at Godless. You can get it for yourself by going to or by downloading the Godless app. The link is below:

The Redwoods Ripper by Joshua Macmillan


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