Daddy by Iain Anderson

Iain Anderson’s Daddy was as surprising as it was captivating, keeping the reader–in this case, me–guessing until just before the shocking pivot in the narrative.
Lauren is kidnapped and she’s certain it’s the work of a brutal murderer the press has dubbed The Callendar Man. Forced into a small, dark shed, Lauren soon learns she isn’t alone in the confined space.
This story has something for everyone. We have a father’s love. There’s a sinister string of missing people turning up dead in a gruesome fashion. And, finally, we have the mystery of who or what is in the shed with Lauren.
Iain Anderson might just answer the question that’s been plaguing you your whole life. Who’s your daddy?

Daddy is the Day Four release for the 31 Days of Godless event celebrating October 2021 at and you can obtain this story for yourself by going to the website or by downloading the app. The link is below:

Daddy by Iain Anderson


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