Snuff by Ash Ericmore

The second installment of Ash Ericmore’s Smalls Family series is somehow more engaging and intense than the first. Previously introduced to Edward Smalls as he experiences some peculiar circumstances in his attempt to produce a snuff film for a client, we’re now introduced to Daniel Smalls. Daniel’s nickname, Snuff, has nothing to do with the sort of films his brother was making, but is rather because he is really good at killing people.
By the time you’ve finished reading Snuff, you’ll be convinced that he’s earned the nickname. The Smalls family is a dangerous group, for sure, and Daniel is almost frighteningly competent and nonchalant about taking lives.
The story begins with Daniel having drinks with Megan, a woman he suspects might be into him. There’s no reason to suspect things will go sideways, but they certainly do. All Daniel knows is that it has something to do with his brother, Michael, and Eastern Europeans.
The killings are fantastic in this story. It’s a short thing, but Ericmore packs so much graphic violence and death into these pages that it’ll feel like it has to be a much larger work.
Megan’s fate leaves a reader feeling gutted and there’s a particular death of one of our Eastern European antagonists that will really fuck with your head.
You have to check this shit out!

You can obtain this story for yourself by going to or by downloading the Godless app. The link is below:

Snuff (The Smalls Family II) by Ash Ericmore


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